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top ten female superheroes

Here the list of 8 most beautiful & sexy female superheroes

1. Black Widow - Scarlett Johansson

scarlett johansson black widow

Black Widow is Marvel's most famous female character. The character of Black Widow played by Famous Actress Scarlett Johansson. Which is hot, sexy & beautiful. 

2. CatWoman - Halle Barry

cat woman halle barry

Kat woman is the character of  DC. Kat Woman's character played actress Halle Berry in 2004 film. Cat Woman is quite dreadful with quite beautiful. 

3. Wonder Woman - Gal Gadot

wonder woman gal gadot

Wonder Woman is also the DC's character. It character plays by Gal Gaudot which is quite beautiful. And among the boys, their craze is much more. The last film of Wonder Woman was released in 2017, which earned $ 821 million worldwide.

4. Harley Quinn - Margot Robby

Harley Quinn - Margot Robby

Harle Quinn is also the character of DC Comics. Which was shown in the film Suicide Squad released in 2016 .this character was played by beautiful Actress Margot Robby.

5. Mystic - Jennifer Lawrence

Mystic - Jennifer Lawrence

Mystic X is the character of the X-men movie. Played by Beautiful Jennifer Lawrence.

6. Super Girl - Melissa Benoist

Super Girl - Melissa Benoist

Super girl is the female version of superman. The super girl has all the powers like the Super Men.

7. Invisible Woman - Jessica Alba

Invisible Woman - Jessica Alba

Invisible Woman is a character in the Fantastic Four Film Series. and this character was played by beautiful Actress jessica alba

8. Elektra - Jennifer Garner

Invisible Woman - Jessica Alba

Elektra has appeared in the 2003 movie Daredevil and the 2007 Elektra.