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Human skeleton
Human Skeleton

Bones :

The bones of the skeletal system protect the Internal organs of the body and provrde structural framework to body. Skeletal system helps an the movement of the human body with the help of muscles and ligaments attached to it It helps in the production of red blood cells and Involved in the storage minerals

Types of bones

Long bone: The length of long ‘bone is greater than its width . It has a shaft "and two extremities. Examples include humerus, femur, tlbla and fibula.

Short bone: They are short in structure, These bones have no shafts and extremities.
They are of different SIZES and shapes. Example Includes carpals and tarsals.

Flat bone: They are flat in shape. Examples include scapula and sternum.

Irregular bone: Irregular bones are Irregularly shaped. Example Includes bones of vertebral column

Sesamold bone: These bones are formed after birth. They are found lying inside the tendons that run across the joints. Example Includes patella of knee Joint and pisiform bone of carpals